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1. What are Anastrozole film-coated tablets and what for
are they used?

Anastrozole contains an active substance, the anesthetic
trozole is called. This belongs to a group of drugs
means “aromatase inhibitor”. Anastrozole – 1 A Pharma
1 mg is used to treat breast cancer in women after
Menopause applied.
Anastrozole works by keeping the
lowers the amount of the hormone estrogen produced. This is
happens by inhibition of a natural substance (an
zyms) in your body called “aromatase”.

2. What should you do before taking of Anastrozole Pay attention to film-coated tablets?

Anastrozole must not be taken
• if you are allergic to anastrozole or one of the in section
6 other ingredients of this medicine
• if you are pregnant or nursing (see section
“Pregnancy and breast feeding period”)
Do not take Anastrozole if one
the above points applies to you. If you are unsure
are, ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking anastrozole –
1 A Pharma Take 1 mg.
Warnings and Precautions
Check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking
• whether you still have your menstruation and your menopause
are not over yet.
• whether you are taking a medicine containing tamoxifen,
or taking medicines containing estrogen (see
Section “Taking Anastrozole with
other medicines “)
• if you have ever had a condition that affects your strength
Affecting your bones
was usst (osteoporosis).
• if you have liver or kidney dysfunction.
If you are not sure if any of the above
Points to you, talk to you before taking
trozol – 1 A Pharma 1 mg with your doctor or pharmacist.
If you need to go to the hospital, inform the medical
staff that you have Anastrozole
taking. Effects of misuse for doping purposes
The use of the drug Anastrozole
can lead to positive results in doping controls.
Taking Anastrozole with
other medicines
Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have others
Taking or recently taking medicine
even if it is not prespec
essential medicines
acts. This includes medicines you do without a prescription
can buy, and plow medicinal products. The reason for that
Anastrozole has the effect of some
influence the food may and that some medicines
on Anastrozole – 1 A Pharma may have 1 mg.
Do not take Anastrozole if you
already take one of the following medicines:

• Certain medicines used to treat breast cancer
(selective estrogen receptor modulators),
z. For example, medicinal products containing tamoxifen. The reason for that
is that these medicines may cause Anastrozole to stop working properly.
• medicines containing estrogen, as in a hormone
replacement therapy (HET)
If this applies to you, ask your doctor or pharmacist
for advice.
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you following
Take medicines:
• Medicines known as “LHRH analogue”. In addition,
listen to Gonadorelin, Buserelin, Goserelin, Leuprorelin and Tripto-
relin. These medicines are used to treat breast cancer,
certain female (gynecological) diseases and
Infertility applied.
pregnancy and breast feeding period
You are allowed to take Anastrozole
do not take
if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Break the intake
Anastrozole if you become pregnant
and talk to your doctor.
Ask your doctor before taking this medicine
or pharmacists for advice.
Driving and using
of machines
It is unlikely that Anastrozole
Ability to drive a vehicle or tools or machinery.
to operate. However, some people feel
patients treated with Anastrozole – 1 A Pharma
1 mg occasionally weak or drowsy. If this is yours
If this occurs, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.
Anastrozole contains lactose,
a certain type of sugar.
Please take this medicine only after consultation
Your doctor, if you know that you have an accident.
ckeranverträglichkeit suffer.

3. How to take anastrozole?

Always take this medicine exactly as directed
of the doctor. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist
after, if you are not sure.
• The usual dose is one tablet once a day.
• Try to take your tablet at the same time every day.
• Swallow the tablet whole with water.
• It does not matter if you have Anastrozole before,
during or after a meal.
Take Anastrozole for as long as it takes
Your doctor recommends
EHLT. The treatment is a long-term therapy
and it may be that you have been taking this medicine for several years
need to take.
Use in children
Anastrozole should be used in children and adolescents.
not be used.
If you use a larger amount of anastrozole –
1 A Pharma 1 mg taken when you
If you use a larger amount of Anastrozole
have taken as you should, please notify
your doctor immediately.
If you forget to take Anastrozole
If you forget to take one, take it
next dose as normal. Do not take the double
Dose (2 tablets at once) if you have

4. Which side effect has anastrozole?

Very common side effects (may affect more than 1 person
of 10)
• A headache
• hot flashes
• nausea
• Skin rash
• joint pain or stiffness
• inflammation in the joints (arthritis)
• feeling weak
• decrease in bone density (osteoporosis)
Common side effects (may affect up to 1 in 10 people
• loss of appetite
• Increased or high levels of a fatty substance in your blood that
is called cholesterol. This may be due to a blood
be determined
• drowsiness
• carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling, pain, feeling cold,
Weakness in parts of the hand)
• diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Changes in blood tests that show how well your liver works.
• thinning hair (hair loss)
• Allergic (overdelivery
reactions), which are also
sight, lips or tongue
• bone pain
• Dry sheath
• vaginal bleeding (usually in the first few weeks
the treatment – if the bleeding stop, talk
with your doctor)
• Muscle aches
Uncommon side effects (up to 1 in 100 users)
• Changes in special blood tests that show how yours
Liver works (gamma-GT and bilirubin)
• inflammation of the liver (hepatitis)
• rash or hives
• quick finger (a condition in which your finger or
in a bent position)
• Increasing the level of calcium in your blood. If with you
Nausea, vomiting or thirst should occur, you should contact
Your doctor, pharmacist or nurse
because your blood values ​​may need to be checked.
Rare side effects (may affect up to 1 in 1,000 people)
• Rare dermal inflammation, red spots or blistering
may include
• rash caused by overdosage
identity (the
Cause can be an allergic or allergic reaction)
• Inflammation of the small blood vessels that turn to red or purple
Discoloration of the skin leads. Very rarely, joint, stomach and
and kidney pain as discomfort; these new
benwirkungen is called “Purpura Schoenlein-Enoch”.
Very rare side effects (up to 1 in 10,000
• Extremely severe skin reaction with ulcers and blisters
on the skin. This is called “Stevens-Johnson Syndrome”
• Allergic (overdelivery
reactions) with threshold
throat, difficulty swallowing or breathing
cause. This reaction is called “angioedema”.
If any of these signs occur to you, you must immediately
Call an ambulance or see a doctor as you
urgently need medical treatment.
Affect your bones
Anastrozole lowers the amount of the hormone estrogen
rogen in your body. This can change the mineral content of your bones
reduce. Your bones can lose strength and more
tend to break faster. Your doctor will meet these risks.
according to the treatment guidelines for the maintenance of bone health
treat women after menopause. You should be with yours
Doctor talk about the risks and treatment options.

5. How to store anastrozole?

There are no special storage conditions for this medicine.
conditions required.
Store drug out of reach of children. Store
Keep the tablets in a safe place that is not visible to children.
is bar and they can not reach. Your tablets can
Harm you.
You may use the medicinal product according to the box on the carton.
no longer apply the expiration date. The expiry date is
retires on the last day of the month.
Store the tablets in the container in which you place them
have received.
Do not dispose of medicines in wastewater or household
waste. Ask your pharmacist how to use the medicine.
Worry is when you stop using it. You wear it
to protect the environment.